About Us

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Sizzling faithOn the Move -East is a not-for-profit Christian organisation that is based in Brentwood, Essex. On the Move was set up by Martin and Gina Graham in 1997 – they did their first free barbecue in Canterbury and discovered a whole new way of reaching people that was effective and fun (you can read more about their inspiring story in Sizzling Faith – get it at  Amazon). A big street barbecue brings the sizzling atmosphere of a beach mission right into your high street.

On the Move East looks after the East of England. Our aim is to encourage and resource local churches to bring the love of Jesus to the streets, through the medium of barbecues. This has been so effective that we want to involve as many churches, and towns as possible.

What happens at a typical On the Move barbecue?

Shoppers in the high street hear a worship band playing. They smell onions cooking. There is a carnival atmosphere. Someone asks, ‘can I invite you to a free barbecue?’

Chairs, tables and gazebos are laid out. Food and music make for a relaxed party atmosphere. Shoppers are given a free burger or sausage in a bun. They are treated like guests. Team members chat with the ‘guests’, who feel listened to. Often a prayer need emerges. There is a strong sense of the presence of God.

Local churches will be involved, with a common aim. Christians from all sorts of churches work together for the kingdom of God.  Some are inviters, giving out invitations. Some are musicians and singers, making music that is good to hear. Some are cooking burgers and sausages, serving with care, courtesy and good humour. Some are table hosts, engaging in conversations. The Holy Spirit is free to move. And he does!

Doing an On the Move barbecue needs preparation, care and most of all, prayer.

Food hygiene is essential to safeguard the wellbeing of our guests. Our trainers have Level 2 Food Safety in Catering certificates. They will help you set up simple training for all volunteers and will be there on the day. Everyone on the food side has to be trained.

Street evangelism needs careful thought and prayer- the primary agent of mission is always the Holy Spirit. Our aim is to help you do a wonderful mission for your town- that you will be welcomed to do again. Everyone involved as ‘table hosts’ has to have some training, and will need to be identified as being part of the team.

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